Malaysian Vapers Alliance

The Malaysian Vapers Alliance is a nonprofit advocacy group that supports the use of vaping products to help smokers quit. We are committed to empowering consumers and representing their interests in various legislative, policy and regulatory spaces.

The Malaysian Vaping Landscape

Despite an ever-growing amount of independent evidence proving that vaping has risk but is much, much less harmful than smoking, the government continues to group vape products together with traditional cigarettes. MVA stands firm that these products could not be any more different from one another.

MVA believes that vape has already changed the lives of millions of smokers for the better globally and locally, and we can continue in this traction if regulators develop a framework that is differentiated, and evidence based.

Regulations must strike a balance between ensuring vaping products are available for smokers who want to switch to a less harmful alternative and ensuring these products are not marketed or sold to young people

The Malaysian Vapers Alliance has three major objectives:

Ensure the voice of Malaysian vapers are heard

Ensure accurate information on vape is disseminated

Ensure vape regulations serve the needs of the local vaping community

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